Sweep Token - 5% Reflections
Built For The Community

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sweep Token is a deflationary token, Every transaction made decreases the supply as there is 5% reflection rewards. The total supply of SWEEP is 100,000,000,000,000,000 100 Quadrillion tokens 61.29% have been sent to the dead wallet address. This address will also receive reflections every time there is a transaction. So as the amount of SWEEP Tokens in the dead wallet address increases. The circulating supply Decreases making SWEEP Token more scarce over time. Current Circulating supply of sweep token is 38.71%

As sweeptoken is decentralised on the BSC blockchain there is no single owner. All holders own their own tokens giving the community control of its success.

The community team own this website sweepproject.com - This website has been created to give sweeptoken utility and provide sweeptoken information. This is seperate to sweeptoken which is owned by its holders.