Sweep Information
Sweep Official CA: 0x09c704c1eb9245af48f058878e72129557a10f04

Sweep Is Available On Dex 10/10 Tax

Sweep Info
Sweep Launched September 20th 2022
Website Update Redesign November 5th 2023 22:20 PM
Website Hits Since Update 302277
Website Hits Last 24 Hours 18047
Total Supply 100,000,000,000,000,000
Total Burned 64,903,283,813,300,520 🔥
Total Supply Left 35,096,716,186,699,484
Burned Last 24 Hours 3,835,551,649,538 🔥
Buy / Sell Tax 10%
Reflections 5%
Dev 5%
Where To Get DEX
Stake Sweep Yes Current 36% Babydogeswap - Nov 16th 23
Sweep Utility Access To New Token Data And Crypto Signals
Telegram https://t.me/sweepprojectofficial

Info On How Sweep Reflections Work

Every time there is a buy or sell on DEX. 5% of the total Sweep bought or sold is redistibuted back to all holders in proportion to how much Sweep they hold.

This includes the dead wallet address which means every buy and sell on DEX burns Sweep 🔥

Stake Sweep Earn Sweep

You Can Stake Sweep On Babydogeswap

Hold Sweep And Earn Sweep Is Available On Babydogeswap

Search For Sweep Using The Search Function At