Sweep Official CA: 0x09c704c1eb9245af48f058878e72129557a10f04

Sweep is a deflationary decentralised token on BNB Chain

Sweep can be used to access charts and data on this website

You can contribute to sweep growth by creating apps, websites and communities allowing people to use sweep

There is no official telegram or discord but anyone can create one

Post them in the chat board on homepage to get them noticed

we may even link to them

Sweep is a utility token and paired with BNB giving it a long life on BNB Chain

You only need to hold 1 Trillion Sweep to use this platform

Sweep Is Available On Dex 10/10 Tax

Sweep Info
Sweep Launched September 20th 2022
Total Supply 100,000,000,000,000,000
Total Burned 65,761,059,067,163,536 🔥
Total Supply Left 34,238,940,932,836,468
Burned Last 24 Hours 277,908,038,755 🔥
Buy / Sell Tax 10%
Reflections 5%
Sweep Website + API Running Costs 5%
Where To Get DEX
Sweep Utility Means of access to unlock the sweep platform and view token data

Sweep DEFI Board Stats

Launch Date: 4th February 2024

Tokens Indexed: 58054

Sweep Burned: 65,761,059,067,163,536

Supply Left: 34,238,940,932,836,468

Very Important information please read. SweepToken is a utility token that allows means of access to the sweep platform - Sweeptoken and babysweep token are for entertainment purposes only and not to be taken as an investment. They are utility tokens that provide access to this websites data. Sweep Points are for entertainment purposes only and have no monetary value.

Decentralised Tokens Are High Risk

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