Sweep Draws

Holding Sweeptoken Allows you to participate in Free Prize Draws on this website. This is a unique Utility of SweepToken. It does not cost Sweep to take part, You have to be holding the required amount or greater in your BSC Wallet.


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Sweep Members Club

Source: Sweep Members Club NFT #481

Our Membership club is an exclusive Utility for Sweeptoken Holders that own a Sweep Members Club NFT (SMC)

The members club has some great features like checking balance, Earnings, Plus multiple entries to the draws

Club Members Earn Sweep Points, These do not have monetary value but come handy in the club

To access the SMC you need to be holding Sweeptoken and an NFT
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Safe And Secure NFT & Token Earning

Sweep Hub is the ultimate BNBchain Earning platform. Hold BNBCHAIN NFT collections or BNBCHAIN Tokens and earn Sweep utility token

No NFTs or Tokens leave your wallet making it extremely safe

To take part you need to hold Sweeptoken

Create Earn Pool

Give utility to your NFT collections and reward your users
Bring new holders to your collection
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